10 Things to be Thankful for

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, it only seemed right to make a post about what I am thankful for. When we are asked to think about what we are thankful for, I bet that 95% of us say the staple “friends and family” response. I thought I would go beyond that and actually think about the things, both big and small, that I truly am thankful for.

1. Friends

Saying that I am thankful for friends and family is not just a go to response like “good” is when someone asks how you’re doing. I truly am beyond blessed for the friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin. When I say friends, this includes a lot of people. It is so much fun to live with my Big, Perry, as well as my roommates Quinn and Kristen who are sorority sisters as well. Perry gives everyone life @Sigmas. Having people to come home to everyday that will force a smile on my face after the Terrible Tuesdays is a blessing. My Little, Kristen, will forever be my workout buddy in Lund as we try to survive the horrible workout equipment early in the mornings. Coming home for a break is so much better when I know I get to see my friends Paige and Blake that I’ve known since middle school. It’s always like nothing has changed at all every time we have a reunion. Lastly, my best friend since birth (literally), Anna. While she may be in South Dakota a majority of the year, that doesn’t stop us from having our coffee dates every time we are both home, sending snail mail, feeding our Mama Mia obsession, and snapchats of our inside joke about macaroons. I hope you all actually read my blogs, I don’t give shoutouts to just anyone 🙂

2. Family

I couldn’t say something about friends without mentioning anything about family. Once again, this includes a lot of people, but I am so incredibly thankful for the Casey clan (and the Bechanan clan out in Kentucky). I’m so thankful for all my dad has done for me over the years including putting up my trampoline every year only for me to use it about two times, building me a gymnastics bar in the basement, teaching me important life skills such as my car won’t turn off unless it’s in park, and how to work the heater in my car. (Many car things). I also can’t forget the number of times my mom has been there for me when I needed her, even if that meant driving to GAC late at night, the loads of laundry done, meals made, and so much more. I will never stop saying how thankful I am for my brother, and my dog Gracie, who I probably squeeze too hard when I finally get to see her coming home from Gustavus. Lastly, shoutout to my family in Kentucky! Even though I see them about once a year, the times I do see them, I make the most out of it! A lot of people are thankful for so much thanksgiving food, but my Grandad was always the one who taught me to truly be thankful for the food on the table, as he would always say “bless the ones who have prepared it, and bless those who have grown it.” It made me realize that the food doesn’t magically appear on the table everyday like I used to think. It takes family! Some of my greatest memories have been made with my cousin Fielden, as we make fun of each other’s accents, test out grip strength during the prayer at meals to see who can squeeze the living daylight out of each other’s hands the best, and make up really embarrassing dance routines. I’m pretty sure that tradition will continue until we are old ladies.

3. Wireless earbuds

Alright, now that I’ve got friends and family out of the way, let’s move onto the little things of life that bring me more joy than they probably should. Wireless earbuds have absolutely changed my life. I can’t even begin to explain the struggles I had with earbuds that had that long cord. First, when I got a new phone, my earbuds no longer were able to plug in without an adapter. This wasn’t a huge problem, except for the fact that I always forgot the adapter, leaving me with silent and sad workouts. Second, trying to run with a cord dangling in front of me drove me nuts. On more than one occasion, I would accidentally get my hand caught in the cord, launching my phone to land on the treads, and shoot back off the treadmill. Lastly, I’m pretty sure it took me longer to untangle the cord, than it took for me to finish my workout.

4. Hot showers

There are times where I am convinced that it isn’t water coming out of the shower head, but magic. Hot showers have the ability to make everything better. There is no better feeling than hopping in after a long sweaty workout, only to come out refreshed and basically a whole new person after. This also goes neck and neck after a long, cold, MN day, and being able to relax and stand there under the water. Usually this helps me turn from a nice dark shade of purple, to a somewhat normal color again (bad circulation at its finest). Don’t deny it, the reason we take a long time is not because we are thoroughly shampooing our hair as we should, it is because we are just standing there in order to solve life’s problems, have some more alone time, warm up, have a crying session, jam session, or recite speeches for class like I used to do…and still do. Showers are not just for cleansing ourselves physically, they also can wash away our mental and emotional struggles, and for that, I am thankful.

5. My car

Just like the shower serves as more than what it is intended for, so does my car. Yes, I am thankful for the fact that my car gets me places, because that would be a long walk from Gustavus to Eagan. My car has been through a lot. It was first my dad’s before it was handed down to my brother, and then me. I can guarantee I have given that car more wild rides than the two before me. As I mentioned, the MN ice made my car smash into a neighbor’s mailbox (totally not my fault, let’s make that clear). My car has also served as a prop for my physics music video, we have a close connection as you can see. I consider Goldie a safe haven sometimes, as it is a great place to get away and be by myself if I need it. One of the most therapeutic things is plugging in my aux cord and jamming out on long drives (I should say putting in my aux cassette tape, it’s a 2004 and not quite “techy”). I’ve been thankful for my car on scorching hot days, and when I can blast the AC, as well as blasting the heat if I can figure it out (I usually forget what my dad tells me) on the frigid winter days. My life would be significantly different without Goldie! Lastly, my car is my prime spot for phone interviews.

6. Leggings

I remember my first pair of leggings. They were from PINK, and I was the most excited 7th grader that you ever did see. It was from that point on that everything changed. I used to wear jeans every single day, all day long. Now, I can barely wear jeans two times a week, and even then, I don’t even last the whole day. Leggings give me the opportunity to dress up or down, go to the gym, and not feel like I’m wearing a form of torture. I wish they were popular when I was growing up, because as a gymnast, I would frequently do the splits and random cartwheels around the house. Definitely not the easiest in denim. Leggings are the happy medium between jeans and sweatpants. I’m pretty sure that all girls agree with me on this one, leggings are a lifesaver!

7. Make up

Alright ladies, we have all had those days where we have woken up and looked in the mirror, only to be frightened at what is looking back at you. At this point, you believe there is no hope in looking good for the day. I’ve had more than enough of these days whether it’s because I’m sick, tired, stressed, or simply just look like a zombie that day. It still amazes me just what a little mascara can do. I’m so incredibly thankful for the times makeup has helped me cover up imperfections, even though psychology says that’s just the spotlight effect and no one actually cares. Make up serves as one of those “fake it till you make it” kind of things, as I feel a lot better once I have it on, including when I am sick. Now, I’m not saying that I need it in order to feel good about myself, and neither should the rest of the female population, but it really can lift some spirits and make you feel on point more often than not. Overall, I’m thankful that it prevents others from asking me if I’m sick when I don’t wear it (yes this happened)!

8. Poshmark

Once I found out this site existed my first year of college, it totally changed the game. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by using poshmark, but at the same time improved my wardrobe significantly. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is essentially an online garage sale for brand new, new without tags, or barely used items. I now get all my workout clothes, Lulu and Athleta gear, jeans,…really everything, off this site. In return, I’ve sold my things and made some money as well. It is so simple to use, making it addicting. If I am ever looking for something, whether it be simple, or name brand, I don’t go to the store anymore. Why pay full price if you don’t have to?

9. Treadmills

I’m not crazy, just hear me out. I am thankful for treadmills because whenever I go on a run outside, multiple things go wrong. First, the weather is always all or nothing. In the summer, it is always scorching, no matter what day I go. On the other hand, you will never catch me running outside in the winter. Never. A treadmill is great for those people like me that aren’t hardcore runners. Second, whenever I go on a run, I always forget that however far I run, I have to run that distance back. More than once, I have decided to go on a seven mile run. I finished my seven miles, but for some reason it did not occur to me that my car would not be there at the end to take me home, so that seven mile run turned into 14. With a treadmill, I don’t have to worry about going anywhere. Third, there are no geese to run after me when I am on a treadmill (they did make me run faster though which improved my endurance). Fourth, this may be personal, but I can’t be the only one that has to “go” in the middle of a run. This serves as a huge problem when you’re outside running along a city road and are seven miles away from home. Lastly, I am one of those people who likes to watch the Today show in order to distract myself from my burning lungs. To my Gusties reading this, if you ever walk through Lund and the middle TV in front of the treadmills is turned on Channel 11, chances are, that was me. 

10. School breaks 

I thought I’d save the best for last. I will be forever thankful for Thanksgiving Break. As much as I’d like to say that Thanksgiving is the reason I am excited for this break, that is just not the truth, it is the break itself. I do not take my breaks lightly either. I go from  an on task, studious, busy college student, to absolute couch potato. This is simply because I really am so exhausted, and NEED the break. It can be so tough being on my best game every week, and it is so refreshing to just stop worrying about deadlines, article quizzes, meetings, laundry, cooking etc. After all the test questions I answer throughout the semester, I couldn’t care less about the dreaded “do you have a boyfriend?” question that we all get asked by all family members at the Thanksgiving table. I have been thankful for breaks throughout my whole career as a student, not just in college, but in college, it means I get to spend more time with my family.

It can be so easy to let weeks go by without appreciating those/things that you are thankful for. I don’t think my shower cares if I let it know how thankful I am for it, but my family and friends do, and I’m sure yours do too. I find it kind of sad that it feels awkward to go up to someone and tell them you are thankful to have them. Really, what are they going to do?Reject you for letting them know that they make a mean casserole? This holiday season, I want to try to make it something that is not against social norms! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!I may just have to make a #FitnessFriday post for next week so we can shed off those extra pounds of mashed taters.